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Connie Bretes

Disaffiliation and 2022 Budget Proposal

The Disaffiliation Committee (Todd McGee, Jennifer Britt, and Tami Blankenship) has gotten off to a great running start. The letter with the announcement has been sent out to the membership on November 1, and the letter to RWA announcing that the vote will be taking place in December has been sent. The Town Hall Meeting is scheduled for November 13.

Whether we disaffiliate or not, below is the 2022 Budget Proposal to be discussed.

2022 Annual Budget Build up

From The Heart Romance Writers

Webinars                                                      $1,500

Workshops                                                   $1,875/+ $250 = $2,125

Pins                                                               $875

Banking account/PayPal                         $300

Bank card fees

Website maintenance & web hosting   $2,500

Attorney – legal fees                                $1,500

Bylaws                                                        $ 800

Corporation tax filing fees                     $1,000

Agent/Representative fees                    $45

Zoom, zoom expansion                         $420.00

Contest prizes                                         $400.00

NaNoWriMo                                           $35.00

Website work/update                           $3,000

DCMA                                                      $6.00

Cyber Rose                                             $150.00

Total                                                        $14,406

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