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Premises—Shari Heinrich (who focuses on YA writing)

  1. The teenage daughter of the disgraced Time-Twisters discovers the lost Time-Twisting necklace (the last in existence), mangled by the family’s cat, and must decide whether to turn it in, or attempt to use it in secret to slip through time and prevent the assassination of her best friend’s father.
  2. A teenager believes an old sing-song rhyme about trading places with the Reaper and the way to bring back souls untimely taken, and while she’d do anything to bring back her baby sister, their mom made life a hell on earth, so she must decide whether she trades places with the Reaper, because if she does, she can bring back neither soul, both, or lose herself into her new role.
  3. A teenage firewitch, having taken up her magic again after she accidentally killed her twin sister, contends with the way her power has morphed away from “the blaze” she knows and thought she could trust again, because now she has her sister’s power, too, when those powers are never supposed to co-exist in one body, and the voice she’s hearing in her head can only be her sister.


(I see 1 as a novel, but I’d like to start it with a flash. It could be a reader magnet to get folks to sign up. 2, I’ve played with this character in VSS365 but have been away from those snippets for more than a year at this point. 3, I created this character for NYCM SSC 2021 R1. I’d like to create more snippets in her world as I start seeing her for novel potential.)


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