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My name is Silvia. I am a home maker and I occasionally do per diem substitute work. I chose flash fiction because I tend to do better with short term goals and I also feel it is a good way to practice writing without feeling overwhelmed. As many people whose dream is to write, there are always things we need to be successful. To me its discipline and time management skills. I also need to understand my priorities in life specially now that I am 48 and wanting to live my life as I wish.

Some obstacles I face are peer pressure, focus and understanding that my future determines how I act now. I wish to dominate this writing habit and start selling work to entertain or help others, (depending on what I write) and make a difference in someone’s life. If successful, I can see myself in 5 years living in a nice cottage where it is forever spring while waking up to morning exquisite coffee and coming to my terrace to write my next chronicles of flash fiction. Be careful of what you dream of….trust me, dreams DO come true.


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