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Hi Joanna and thank you for sharing things about you. Just wanted you to know that I am also a student of English as a second language. I was born in Mexico City and to this day I still have to be careful with my grammar and spelling and all that good stuff. People don’t realize that it takes me double the effort to express myself and at the end I feel a bit more confident.

I have no clue how I graduated college but if I can say it depended on one thing only, I would say the yearning to accomplish a dream. Confidence does not come in languages. It is within your being. If you are a writer, you will always be a writer here or in China or Mexico or wherever. Technology assists us now in translating whatever and figuring out whatever technical difficulties there may be. The only thing I believe it cannot assist us in and never can technology replace us is in our creative brain. You have the most important piece to the puzzle….Silvia


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