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I guess for me it is easier to write about why I had no time to write today.


I told myself I would put first things first. But when I woke up, my other half wanted me to cuddle with him and watch The Today Show. I know how important it is for us to spend quality time because he works many hours and so I said “Ok, just a little bit”

Then, the next thing I know is that he’s heading for work and I remember the to do list I put on my calendar. Some of those things I have been holding off for a day or so. So I said to myself “I can hurry and get these things out of the way and then concentrate on writing.”

I had promised myself I would leave all chores and worries aside for after I write and I’m in a good mood. But now I find myself drinking energy drinks and running here and there to get things done. I feel like if I don’t do them that I am wasting time and I get all anxious and then I think about how I’m wasting time and how the holidays are coming and if I’m gonna be ready for them etc.

I have tried to see the bright side of things ad so I dropped of a nice jacket I found in my mothers basement at the cleaners. I got fifty percent off because it is the first time I use their service. hat made me happy. Then I went to CVS and made sure I used my coupons that were about to expire. But most important of all to me that is, is that I finally bought those nice and comfy ear plugs that mold to your ear as they expand. Today I will be sleeping without tossing and turning from the snoring. Its been almost months since I lost my good sleep.

I came home and I cooked a light meal for me and Teddy my French poodle and cleaned a little. In between all this I handled  some phone calls and watched Judge Judy while taking a nap. Honestly I do not know where time went. It just vanishes before my eyes and then all of a sudden its night and I push myself to write a little before the day is over so tomorrow I wont feel bad. ( Oh and I went to the bank too)


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