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Good luck with NaNo, Kathy! Sending you lots of productive good vibes. 🙂

Dory, I love hearing about your auction loot. 😉 You always find such interesting things!

Jeanne, I feel your pain. Been there with edits. I think it’s proof that you’re improving. Now you can identify problematic things in your writing that you couldn’t before. It’s progress! 🙂

My week went as expected. Not a ton of writing, though I did get some done. I threw myself into the conference, forcing myself to climb out of my introvert comfort zone and join Zoom meetups. I’m so glad I did, too! I was able to exchange ideas with other writers who are dealing with some of the same publishing challenges I’m facing. It was also just plain fun to visit. And I won a sweatshirt in a drawing for participating!

I’m glad I pushed through the resistance. 🙂

This week I’m aiming for the 50K mark on my MS. I’m at 44K now. I’m not doing NaNo, only because I knew I was virtually attending the conference and I didn’t want to be distracted. Wishing all the NaNo-ers good luck!



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