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Joanna Jelen

I posted the story at the story section, but here is my comment about the exercise, which I practiced while writing the story.

I know about writing for specific personas from marketing classes. Do you know they also advise to make a card with a picture and brief description of the persona and keep the card on your desk all the time? Good alternative if you can’t think about a real person as you advise.

So, while writing the story I imagine my two sons: a new adult and a young adult. They are not the characters in my story—God forbid—but they had few moments I blame for my first gray hair.

I also asked the older son to read it. According to him, he understood it, the opening hooked him, and the ending was clear, although he questioned the character’s drastic decision. He was nice to correct some language errors, too. Overall, he liked it. Yey!

I’d like to add one more comment. After reading several flash fiction stories online (I searched for the best, famous, etc. examples), I’m not sure it’s type of fiction I like. Most of the stories are weird, sad, and disturbing. They leave me restless when I like happy endings.

I respect the writers’ artistry, they are great stories—don’t get me wrong—but the topics are so heavy, like their goal is to shake the readers instead of relaxing them and take away to better reality.

Saying that, I tried that voice writing Little Johnny. The Wife on Ambien was my main inspiration, even though I didn’t get its ending until I read someone’s review… 🙁 I think the style fits the premise in my story. I’d appreciate if you tell me how it worked.




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