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LeAnne Bristow

Hi guys,

I know one of the biggest concerns with the contest is cutting back on the amount of admin work that needs to be done. PFTH is the only contest that I’m aware of that added both contestants and judges to a loop to keep them up to date. So the contest coordinator had to create the loop, send out invites, check in on the loops, monitor it and encourage category coordinators and judges to post on there. Honestly, if you ask me, At least 75% of our issues stemmed from those loops. We’ve had people post things on there that shouldn’t be posted which set off a whole storm of problems. This year, I had a judge for my category that assumed because she didn’t join the loop, we weren’t counting on her to judge. She was very upset with me when I kept sending her reminder emails and got snarky with me because “her refusal to accept the invitation was my notification that she’d changed her mind and didn’t want to be a judge.” Those loops were a huge PITA when I was running the contest. Yes, some people were happy with it and said it was nice that we kept everyone informed. But now that we’ve moved to forum, we would have to add all the judges and contestants to a forum (many of whom are not members) then make sure to remove them when the contest was over. That’s going to be a huge headache for our web team.

If you get rid of that, cut the divisions down to unpublished manuscripts only (no matter if the author is unpublished or published) **or – have 2 contests – one for unpublished authors and then either a cover or a readers contest for published authors** and have good reliable category coordinators, then the admin part really wouldn’t be that bad.  All contests are going to be time consuming and difficult, but I think it can be done efficiently.

You do need one person to oversee everything. So you need a Contest coordinator, category coordinators and I really liked having a judges coordinator to assign the judges, because going through all the judges and making sure you have them spread out and assigned to categories they want/don’t want is a big job.

That’s just my own personal opinion, of course.



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