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Laura Russell

3 Premises Laura Russell

I’m grateful that our instructor is still reviewing exercises after class has finished.

I haven’t written any flash fiction, so I looked at The Flash Fiction Challenge site you suggested, and composed premises set somewhere one of my cowboys might find himself.

  1. Contemporary romance, a feed store, a bale of sour hay. Cowboy returns a sample of sour hay to the feed store and finds a new manager insists it cannot be her store’s fault that his season’s hay delivery is useless. They’re both sweating. He needs an entire load replaced, now. She’s can’t book a loss on day one. Each think isn’t this my luck. Here’s someone I’d like to impress.
  2. Contemporary romance, a twisty canyon road, a brand-new car. The driver of a brand-new car is stranded after a batshit crazy driver has bumped her into the canyon wall. The next driver to pass by figures the same crazy driver who almost knocked his trailer off the road before speeding off must have collided with her. He stops to help but she’s too rattled to get out of her car.
  3. Contemporary romance, livestock auction, a burrito. A barrel racer loses her bid for a mare at the livestock auction, and a rancher who watches her lose buys her a burrito to cheer her up.

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