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In the feed store, two characters are in conflict. That’s good. Maybe the each face economic ruin, which would be stakes. A normal process for this would be either an on-the-spot compromise or small claims court. The worst circumstance I could imagine would be one declaring bankruptcy and starting over (something people do every day). This premise seems to need more development. A focus on the personal or social costs (humiliation, rejection) might help.

The stranded car premise, as stated, moves to less than dire consequences and feels more like a hook than a premise. What do either of the characters want/need? Right now, she needs a ride. He wants to be helpful. There is a hint that the conflict with the crazy driver isn’t over. Maybe the premise is hiding there (though it is undercut by the evidence that that driver is a general menace and not an enemy of either character). There’s a scene question, but what’s the story question here?

There might be a meet cute hiding in the livestock auction, especially if the racer misinterprets the burrito offer. I can’t see anything else story-wise. Perhaps she is headed for a win when something unfair happens? Or she’s not ready for a loss and is stranded in Topeka?


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