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Hi, Cheryl,

My mom and sister lived in La Jolla for a while and I visited them there. I liked it, but I like Honolulu better. At the time I was there, San Diego’s bus system was really good and I went everywhere on the bus. This was back in 1993. I don’t know what it’s like now, but back then, there was lots of smog, which made everything kind of gray and colorless compared to Honolulu. And there wasn’t the number of homeless people in Honolulu that there are now and San Diego had crummy areas that seemed much crummier than the crummy areas in Honolulu.  Still, over all, I liked San Diego. But for me, Honolulu is home.

I have to say, though that with the influx of homeless people, many of whom are mentally ill or addicts (alcohol and/or drugs), as a whole, there are lots of crummy places in Honolulu now. It used to be that I felt safe being out at night in Honolulu, but not anymore. Heck, there are places where I don’t feel safe in the daytime in Honolulu. But I still want to live here.



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