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Hi, Kathy!

Small world! I worked for Olsten Temporary for awhile. They had me in Waikiki in the administrative office of the company that owned The Pearl Factory booths that were all over Waikiki. I was the receptionist. Later they had me at Hawaiian Telephone downtown. While there, I saw an job ad in the newspaper for the receptionist position at the Pearl Factory company, so I called and asked for Brick Thompson, the supervisor and said I was interested in the job. He hired me.

The changes in Waikiki are disheartening. The Waikiki Trade Center where the Pearl Factory office was has been converted into a high-end hotel. The International Market Place got torn down and replaiced with a high-end shopping center anchored by Sacks Fifth Avenue. I used to love the old International Market place. Kalakaua Avenue now looks like a clone of Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills with all the high-end stores.

Ala Moana Shopping Center is now 4 stories and is all expensive high-end stores.

I still love living in Honolulu, but miss the days before all the high-end stores.

Hope you get into the military housing.



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