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LeAnne Bristow

I would just like to 2nd Cheryl’s suggestion to go check out the workshop. I’ve done a million things to increase productivity. When I tell myself I have to write XXX of words a day, I usually end up staring at a blank screen. There is something about KNOWING my chunk that somehow takes the pressure off. Instead of looking at my week by word counts, I look at it in chunks now.

My chunks are fairly small right now and I hope they will improve with consistency and time. My goal this week is only 5 chunks, since I started back to school this week and have to get back into my routine. my chunks are about 700 words, so my goal is 3500 this week.

A few months ago, I was lucky if I could get in 1000 words a week.

The chunky method helped me do over 20k words in 2 weeks and kept me motivated the whole time, so I’m looking forward to incorporating it in our loop!


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