Reply To: ⭐️ Official January 2022 CHAIN EVENT post ⭐️

Cheryl PitonesCPRider

    Day 27!

    Let’s talk rewards! 🏆 What’s yours going to be?

    Before you tell yourself or me that you don’t deserve one because you missed a day or two or ten, claim the victory you did achieve! Did you write more than you would have if not challenged? Victory. Did you pick up your chain when you dropped it? That means you didn’t give up. Did you give up in the beginning and then decide you were going to finish strong, even if your chain is only five or six links? Be proud of that!

    And to those of you who wrote every single day and kept a perfect chain, CELEBRATE it! That part is important, too. I know, with my perfectionist nature, even when I do everything right, I sometimes think it wasn’t enough. One way to fight that feeling is to make yourself celebrate your achievements, even if you “thought you could do better.”

    Jennifer, that sounds like a wonderful reward. 🙂 I’ve only watched the first two episodes, but that show is amazing.

    I had two rewards originally, and with the Omicron variant kicking it into high gear, I’m going to forgo the massage and get my sweet potato casserole instead. 😉 I can’t take a whole day off, but I will take the evening off and play video games and relax, too.
    Now that I type it, that sounds kind of amazing.

    See if it works for you!
    Also, remember to check in on the spreadsheet:

    PS- Awesome word count, Kathy! ❤️