Reply To: Hello and Welcome/Class Introduction


    Hi I’m Carolyn Crow, newbie author writing as Caroline Corvin with my first book up for preorder, launch date of March 4th. I’ve got the first draft of the next almost complete, and basic ideas for the next two. Sitting down here in New Zealand I’m pleased for the magic of technology that lets us participate wherever we may be. I’m writing romance with time travel/parallel lives plots and loving it even though I didn’t plan to be a romance author. I find it hard to imagine writing a romance with fully developed characters without sex scenes. I’m happy enough with my first attempts given I knew nothing but as an avid reader, I know I can do much better. I want to learn to blend action and emotion and senses skilfully and ensure the book would be less for not having that scene. It needs to be important to the story arc.
    Fun fact about me is for 15 years I bred miniature horses. I still have a little band of oldies that I can’t bear to part with, but now enjoy their calming presence and intoxicating horsey smell while relaxing in a paddock.