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Jessica JayneJessica Jayne

    Thank you for sharing your story. I do write under a pen name. It is less about the heat level of my stories and more about my profession. I’m a lawyer. Though I do not keep it a secret from my employer or colleagues that I am an author, I needed the separation from my professional lawyer name and my professional writing name. It’s worked well.

    1. What do you enjoy reading?
    I honestly read all genres. I’ve been an avid reader since 4. But when it comes to romance, I prefer contemporary, angsty, super sexy reads. I’ve found that besides the entertainment factor, they also spice up real life. 😉

    2. What are you comfortable having other people associate with your work?
    I’m comfortable with the steamy, sexy romance level that I write. No fear.

    3. What level of intimacy does your story dictate?
    Most of my stories are on the steamy side. Sex is a part of relationships. I enjoy writing those scenes and finding they advance the relationship aspect of the story.

    4. What are your (genre) reader expectations?
    A steamy (sometimes erotic) novel.

    5. What do you hope to accomplish in your book by including a sex scene?
    As I stated above, sex is part of a relationship – whether your “doing it” or not. To me, showing those scenes allows the reader to see an intimate side of the characters. We’re not always the same behind closed doors. We may be a school teacher by day, but when we get home with our significant other, we may be a seductress. Sex in a healthy part of a relationship and allows the characters to bond on a multitude of levels. Including those scene in the story gives the reader that part of the characters.

    My book is a steamy, sexy contemporary romance.
    (heat level) (subgenre)

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