Reply To: Lesson 2


    1. What do you enjoy reading?
    I read pretty much everything but mainly Historical Romance and Mystery.

    2. What are you comfortable having other people associate with your work?
    I’m OK with the sex scenes as long as they’re well written.

    3. What level of intimacy does your story dictate?
    It would be considered sensual/steamy.

    4. What are your (genre) reader expectations?
    A steamy novel mixed with true historical elements.

    5. What do you hope to accomplish in your book by including a sex scene?
    I want the scenes to show an intimacy between the hero/heroine that allows them to connect on a physical as well as intellectual level. Since I’m writing a series so far the books are HFN which I hope to show in the scenes.

    My book is a steamy Time Travel Romance.