Reply To: Lesson 2


    Hi Ana,
    Thanks for sharing. I love how your story goals are tied to characters being able to trust enough to have sex. I think that’s one way you know that the sex is an integral part of the story and not gratuitous. Good job. Jen

    My book is a sensual contemporary suspence romance.

    1. I enjoy reading up to sexy. I rarely read erotica and stop at porn.
    2. I’ve already experienced my mom’s it’s-too-intimate reaction.
    3. What level of intimacy does your story dictate? Sensual.
    4. What are your (genre) reader expectations? Sensual to sexy.
    5. What do you hope to accomplish in your book by including a sex scene? The overcoming of fear and mistrust. Healing. Development of trust that needs to happen so the heroine can achieve her story goal, so the hero quits living in the past and embraces a new, happier future. A satisfying HEA at the story’s end.