Reply To: Hello and Welcome/Class Introduction


    Hi Dory,
    It’s great to have you in class.
    Here’s a few tips for making a sex scene last longer: Add a lot of build-up before they get to the act. Looks. Touches. Kisses. Then, you can vary the act itself. And/or add on a second time.
    If your way of writing a scene is just brief (a page or two or even less) that’s also fine. One way to make it steamy is to have love making be frantic–they’ve just escaped danger, or there’s a possibility they’ll be found out. Something that requires everything to move along quickly.

    Hello, I am Dory. I write Scottish time travels and urban fantasy, not yet published, I would like to know how to make the love scenes longer. I am told they are too short. my favorite authors can go on for pages but I can’t seem too.
    Thank-you looking forward to the class