Reply To: Week 5 Check-in

Jeanne Moorejeanne_moore

    Hi, Cheryl, Dory and Kathy!

    Thank you for mentioning Reedsy classes, Dory. I’d forgotten about them and think I’ll take more. I also like that they’re in 5-minute installments.

    I’m making headway with my final steps in editing my 3 short stories and 3 novellas. I’m down the the parts I find really tedious – going through each one for overly-used words, spell check and one final read through. In one of my novellas, a 24,000-word manuscript, I used the word “hands” 50 times! I’m attempting to get each overly-used word down to no more than 10 times. With some of them, it’s pretty heard. There’s rewriting involved because I have to figure out other ways to configure the emotion I want to convey. So then, I have to reread the context around each word or phrase I want to change.

    It’s a good exercise in showing the character’s reaction and how he or she feels (rather than telling).

    Also, I’ve got all my 1099s and have no excuse not to file my taxes. I only made $42 on Amazon from the sale of my books last year, not enough to take my expenses (about $600 for the year) – mostly writing-related books, memberships, copyright fees, and fees for my website (domain name, website hosting, security for my website).

    I hope the book I’m reading on promoting one’s writing will help me gain more income.

    In a non-writing related capacity, I’m going to be taking a class in American Sign Language through Gale Course, which my public library offers free of charge to library patrons who have a library card. If I like it, then I’ll take the second class next month. After that, I’ll either take conversational French or conversational Japanese.

    Take care, everyon.