Reply To: Lesson 3 and moving forward


    Hi Jen,

    Here is my lesson 3.

    ¬ Who they are
    Alix Evans is a 25-year-old History major working on her dissertation on Henry II and his family. She’s always been interested in Richard I, but has a love/hate relationship with him. He’s an enigmatic historical figure who’s been maligned by historians. Alix would give anything to discover why he committed the atrocities he did.

    ¬ What changes
    At a Renaissance festival, she purchases a brooch which she believes is a replica of Richard’s Great Seal. She accidentally pricks herself with the brooch and finds herself in 12 century France.

    ¬ What they want
    At first, her main goal is trying to survive in this time period. She (conveniently) meets Richard while he’s still the Duke Of Aquitaine. He offers her a position in his household and she accepts. As she spends time with him, her desire to return home fades as she learns more about this man who she’s been fascinated with for years.

    ¬ Why they want it
    She hopes to learn something about him that no other Historian knows and use it in her dissertation.