Reply To: Lesson 2


    My latest book is a sensual paranormal romance.

    BTW, my definition of ‘sensual romance’ is hotter than what you described. When I started writing, and I chose this heat level, the way it was described to me was the definition of ‘sexy romance’ but more ‘in the character’s minds and how the lovemaking affects them emotionally.”

    1. What do you enjoy reading?
    Sensual romances.

    2. What are you comfortable having other people associate with your work?
    I’m comfortable with people reading my books and the heat level. The one exception was my father. I created a separate published book for him that took the entire chapter with the sex scene out and replaced it with one sentence – ‘They have sex.’

    3. What level of intimacy does your story dictate?
    My vampire novels are always steamy. Some of my contemporary romances are too. I do have some novels that are sweet romances.

    4. What are your (genre) reader expectations?
    Vampire stories (adult ones) are expected to be steamy.

    5. What do you hope to accomplish in your book by including a sex scene?
    A level of intimacy between my characters that have them grow toward their end goals.