Reply To: Lesson 3 and moving forward



    ¬ Who are they? Stephan is an 80-year-old vampire. He is a father who can’t support his children or himself because his family line has been stricken from the vampire scrolls. This means he and his family are second-class vampire citizens. In other words, the Vampire Council does not give them blood drive considerations, arranged marriage rights, protection, etc.
    ¬ What changes? Stephan is given an opportunity to join an elite group of prestigious vampires and to clear his family’s name. This means that his children and his entire family line can have an easier life.
    ¬ What do they want? They want a life on easy street. Right now, due to many national disasters, his blood ration card has no more supplies for him and he is forced to hunt for food. He is given an opportunity to win a membership in this elite group. He wants to win the membership.
    ¬ Why do they want it? So they will have an easy life and he doesn’t have to worry about his family. He doesn’t understand that no matter how well off you are, you always worry about your family.


    ¬ Who are they? Natalya is a transitioning vampire (20-years-old) whose wealthy vampire step-father has just been murdered. His membership in an elite vampire club is now open and a contest is being held to see who can take his place. Since her mother is the prime suspect in the murder and is now on the lam, she follows a lead to find the killer to clear her mother’s name. Instead, she is kidnapped and taken to an island where the group of vampires, who believe her to be human, will use her as food as they compete for the membership.

    ¬ What changes? She finds herself assigned to be Stephan’s handmaiden. She convinces him she is an underaged human girl so she can not be molested while she tries to find a way off the island.

    ¬ What do they want? She wants to discover who murdered her stepfather and clear her mother’s name.

    ¬ Why do they want it? Before her mother married the wealthy vampire, she and her mother lived in poverty. She doesn’t want to return to that way of life where (once she transitions) she’d have to hunt for food and not receive help from the Vampire Council. She basically doesn’t want to live the same life Stephan has been forced to live.