Reply To: Lesson 3 and moving forward


    That’s a great goal statement. Well done! It reads like back cover copy. Or if you plan to query this book, it could be part of the query letter. The only thing I was left wondering was why Simon was resistant to marriage (or just marriage for money). A small addition in the first sentence or two is all you’d need. Good job!

    Simon Hamilton, the Duke of Stanton, has resisted the expectation he marry a woman with a large dowry. When a wealthy businessman offers to pay off Simon’s debt if he will agree to marry the man’s headstrong daughter, Simon can’t refuse. His initial hope is that he and Charlotte will get along well enough that they may have a tolerable marriage, but the more time he spends with her, the more he wants her to be his wife in truth. There is a strong physical attraction between Simon and Charlotte, but it’s more than that, and he longs to make her his.