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    I’m not sure how long of a scene you want, but this one is from Do You Want to Start a Scandal by Tessa Dare. Tessa Dare is one of my favorite authors and this is one of my two favorite books. I think I probably like this scene because I love these two characters, but aside from that, I think it’s paced perfectly. The way it is written—the cadence, the flow, etc.—mimics their frantic desire for one another. I’d classify the heat level as Spicy.

    “Well . . .” Charlotte wet her lips, daring to look up at him. “I’ve never been too concerned with etiquette.”
    His response was like lightning. In a flash, he’d pressed her against the wall with the full length of his body. Desire sparked along her nerve endings as he kissed her, making her tingle from crown to toes.
    He overwhelmed her. All of her. His tongue explored her mouth. His chest rubbed against hers, drawing her nipples to tight, aching peaks. His arousal made firm demands against her belly.
    He released her arms. His hands slid downward, to her hips. He grasped the frail linen of her shift in impatient handfuls, hiking it to her waist. Then he attacked the buttons of his trouser falls, loosening them one by one.
    Charlotte reached between their bodies. She hadn’t been brave enough to touch him there the other day, and she meant to make up for it now. She reached inside his trouser falls, freeing his hardening erection from the confining fabric.
    Emboldened by his unsteady breath and the cloak of darkness, she took her time exploring. Stroking up and down the hot, steely thickness filling her hand, skimming her thumb over the broad, silky crown. A bead of moisture welled beneath her touch, and she spread it in widening circles.
    With a muttered curse, he grasped her bared backside and lifted her straight off her feet.
    Startled, she gave a little shriek of pleasure. Her spine met the damask, silk-covered wall. She wrapped her legs over his hips. She wasn’t certain if that was what he had in mind, but it seemed the thing to do.
    He seemed to like it.
    His erection swelled even larger in her grip, and he began to thrust against her. Slowly. Teasing.
    Yes. Oh, yes.
    She was reeling, stunned by the speed of her body’s response. In a matter of mere moments, she’d grown desperate for him. She tangled her free hand in his hair, drawing his mouth to hers for a deep, openmouthed kiss.
    He rocked his hips in a rhythm, rubbing the head of his cock up and down the seam of her sex. Parting her with firm, insistent strokes. The smooth pressure teased her most sensitive places, driving her hard and fast up a steep mountain of bliss.
    When he encountered the hot, wet evidence of her arousal, he groaned against his mouth.
    She ached to be filled.
    He broke their kiss, panting. “Now?”
    The word skipped down her spine. “Now.”
    “Guide me in.”
    She tilted her hips and positioned his hard, eager length where it fit with her body. Where she needed it to be. Then she withdrew her hands from between them and clutched his shoulders.
    He pushed into her in strong, incremental thrusts. “God,” he moaned. “You’re so tight.”
    She wasn’t certain if he meant that as a good or a bad thing, but it was undeniably the truth. Despite her feverish arousal, her body was still painfully new to the act. Their joining was torturously, maddeningly slow, and then—when she began to vibrate with need, as though the tension would break her apart—blindingly fast.
    He hadn’t even seater his full length inside her when the crisis began to build. She couldn’t wait any longer. She pushed her own hips forward, frantic for more of him, all of him. Deeper, harder, faster.
    When at least his pelvis met hers, the first brush of sweet friction flung her over the edge. She shook and cried out, clinging to his neck as he thrust unrelentingly, pushing her through crest after crest of pleasure.

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