Reply To: Week 6 Check-in 💘

Cheryl PitonesCPRider

    Hmm… what sort of conflict are you aiming for, Kathy? A lot depends on the sort of story.

    Romantic comedy angle – Could some sort of pet get loose in the ballroom?
    Suspense angle – the person the heroine suspects of a nefarious deed is related to/romantically linked to/flirting with the hero and she feels he’s in danger?

    Obviously, the best conflict is something that relates to your story in a natural way.
    One of the books I really like on conflict is The Conflict Thesaurus by Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi. It’s a good tool. Actually, any of the Ackerman and Puglisi thesaurus-style books are great. Good luck! 🙂
    Jeanne, I used to get discouraged like that, too. In truth, I still do. Using a Kanban board has helped me tremendously, though I know it’s not for everyone. When I focus on one project, one sticky note goal, at a time, I just seem to do better.
    I hope you find the tool that works for you. Sometimes the simplest thing can be a gamechanger. ☺️
    My week was great writing-wise and a little iffy health-wise. I already had a cancer screening procedure scheduled (Yes, THAT one) so my body decided that was the perfect moment for me to have a kidney stone. Needless to say, my plans to hit 10k words went out the window.
    However, I am fine now and I managed 9067 for the week even with a colonoscopy and a kidney stone. So woot for me.
    This week, I’m aiming for 8000 words and to get my tax paperwork sent off.


    PS- Get those regular screenings, people! Early detection saves lives! ❤️