Reply To: Week 9 Check-in

Doreen JensenDoreen Jensen

    Hello, my writer peeps.
    I managed 1755 words this week. worked on my future learn classes, Thursday I had my lumpectomy and took the weekend a bit easier while still getting some words in. I am fighting with my old computer who just came up with a red flashing screen that looked like it was eating everything. Hubby is out there cleaning it to see if it can be fixed. it’s an old explorer 7 I keep to have my documents saved on. the storage device I bought to save that info as extra back-up was not compatible so fingers crossed I haven’t lost it. (I hope my carbonite is working.)
    Hope everyone had a good week. Cheryl, glad your tests came out well–it’s a stressful thing going through those tests and waiting. I’m waiting on my pathology now–will take about 2 weeks so fingers crossed.

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