Reply To: Week 9 Check-in

Cheryl PitonesCPRider

    Hi All:

    Dory, I hope your tests go well. Mine turned out to be benign, which was a load off my mind.
    Those darn old computers. I had one that used to shut down and revert back to an older copy of the OS on its own! Needless to say, I ended that relationship pretty quickly. 😉 Was your husband able to fix it for you? Fingers crossed he gets it up and running again. 🙂

    Jeanne, you can also select “whole word only” in Word’s search function. I like your tip though, and am going to try it to see if the results vary. Oh boy, I searched my MS for some overused words this week and clocked in with “voice” at 117 uses in 52,000 words. YIKES. “Look” was another big word for me, and “eyes.” That was definitely eye-opening. 😉 Ah well, that’s what first edits are for, right?
    Also, good for you getting in two hours a day! Sounds like you’re doing some good work.

    Kathy, how’s the story going now? I think either of those events would be really interesting and I’m curious to hear which you chose.
    I love writing short stories! That’s how I started writing. I needed the experience of finishing stories, and writing short was the perfect way to do that. Wishing you good luck with yours. 🙂

    Mona, I hope your grandson is okay. It’s scary not being able to breathe. I definitely know that.
    Ooo, I envy you with your bare-bones story. I love finishing a draft and then diving back in to put the dressing on the windows, so to speak. That first edit is one of my favorite parts of writing! The fifth one? Not so much… 😉

    As for me, my goal was to get at least 1700 words a day in, and I’ve mostly NOT done that. February threw my focus for a loop and I’m still trying to recover. So, I didn’t hit my goal this week. But I did hit the 52K mark on my 90K word story, so I’ll pat myself on the back for that.

    This week I’m going to shoot for 1700 x 5 days.

    Hope you all have a great weekend!