Reply To: Week 12 (late) Check-in

Kathy CrouchKathy Crouch

    Hi Everyone,

    I was looking for Cheryl to post thought I had missed something. So, I came to the loop to check this way.

    Even though I spent Friday the 18 at the ER with another UTI and they gave me 7 days of antibiotics. I took them but it’s not gone, so tomorrow I see the doctor. I did the urinalysis today and I have a list of things to try to talk to him about.

    This past week 03-21-2022 thru 03-27-2022 I wrote 2795. I’m focused on my short story for the Hearts Through History Anthology that there’s 13 of us participating. Mine is a masked costume ball set in 1899/1900 New Year’s Eve in San Antonio, takes place in the Menger Hotel.