Reply To: Week 15 Check-in 💐

Jeanne Moorejeanne_moore

    Well, here we are, week 15 already. I’m keeping up with my goal of writing-related activities at least 2 hours a day. And I’m feeling much better although I still tire easily. I’m still looking into editors and critique partners. I probably need a line editor and proof reader.

    I’m also playing around with brainstorming some ideas for another novella or novelette. It seems that I am no longer interested in a novel-length manuscript. A novel or novelette in which I only have to deal with one incident/upheaval/crisis and it’s resolution is just about long enough for me. If I don’t publish this one as part of a collection, I’ll publish it as a stand-alone eBook, I can charge a lower price for it and don’t have to do the work of formatting it as a paperback.

    I’m starting to format the collection of short stories/novellas I just finished as a paperback; I forgot how much work that is. It’s been over a year since I published my last paperback/eBook.

    So, that’s been my week. Looking forward to a better week, one in which I don’t get so tired.