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Doreen JensenDoreen Jensen

    Happy Mother’s Day to all moms — human and furbaby
    Hello my writer friends–
    I managed 1175 words this week. no classes. I know –it feels weird–when you are a workshop junkie.
    We went to Courtland this week to pick up a few things I got at auction–a Scottish quaich, a Celtic necklace, a miscellaneous bag of jewelry, and 3 pyrex bowls–I have a soft spot in my head, er I mean heart for this stuff. Hubby took me out to visit both our mom’s graves and dropped off flowers for them, and we stopped for dinner. The furbabies gave me a Bluetooth thingiee because Hubby said he was tired of yelling over the noise-canceling headphones–he usually flicks the lights to get my attention.( the cats usually just paw my arm to get my attention. Larry absolutely hates my phone and will knock it out of my hand or off the table if he gets a chance ) Hope everyone had a productive week

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