Reply To: Week 19 Check-in 💻

Jeanne Moorejeanne_moore

    Hi, my writing friends!

    Week 19 already! Finally, I’m sending my 6 stories (3 Novellas, 3, “Novelettes” to beta readers. Got the first one back. The beta reader loved the story, had no criticism and found no typos or spelling errors. Wonder if this means I can skip the step where I pay an editor? The beta reader I had read this same story before this said the same thing. If I do publish the stories without having an editor look at it, I should at least order an author’s copy so I can read the stories in a different format than on my computer.

    My word count’s higher this week as I’ve moved on to writing a new WIP. Historical woman’s fiction again. I stated out with an idea that morphed into a different story. I still have the same characters, but they commandeered the WIP into a story I’d not thought of.

    This time, I’m trying pre-planning instead of my usual pantser technique. No outline, just brainstorming and writing summaries of my ideas. Then I kept coming up with ideas that seemed to make the story more interesting. So, I just keep brainstorming and writing weaving the new ideas into the story. So, I end up taking out parts of the “old” story and rewriting along with inserting the new ideas. So, I’m kind of doing a combination of brainstorming/planning and pantsing along with revising and rewriting as I go along.

    I’m getting over feeling bamboozled by my hospital stay, but there are definitely times I feel discourage over the combination of being in not as good health as I used to be when I was younger, being old and having to face I’m not going to live forever. I need another 50 years at least!

    Well, carry on. Have a good week.