Reply To: Zoom Sprints 2022 🌟

Cheryl PitonesCPRider

    Hello Sprinters!

    I’m thinking of setting up a Sprint-In-A-Week for June 13-19 (Final report in on the 20th.) Does that work for those of you interested? Would you prefer a different date? Maybe mid-July would be better? I’m actually good with that because I’ll be drafting again by then, but

    I’d like to hear from anyone interested in participating. I’ll run Zoom sprints a few times that week and I can run sprints on FB or on the forum, too, if you’d like. Or you can just check-in and encourage others and get some encouragement for yourself.

    (Apologies for the double forum post. I wanted to make sure everyone saw this.)

    Cheryl Rider
    Productivity Forum Moderator