Reply To: Week 28 Check-in ☕️

Cheryl PitonesCPRider

    I’m a huge fan! I was an early adopter and got in on an incredible deal where I paid, I think, around $45 for a lifetime membership. I use it for naps, for insomnia, and for focus. If I hadn’t bought it way back then, I’d be subscribing now. It’s that good.

    People can try it for free, too.


    I’m still making steady progress on revisions to my romantic suspense. Some chapters go faster than others, of course, but my goal is to have it revised and on my Kindle for a read through by the end of the week.

    I’ve become a big fan of and use it regardless of the task–writing, editing or revising. You do have to pay for it, but the $50 yearly subscription is well worth it, in my opinion.