Reply To: Week 30 Check-in

Cheryl PitonesCPRider

    Vicki, I think that’s a great goal. I know you’ll hit it.

    Mona, I’m sorry you’ve been dealing with so much pain. Doctors don’t want to prescribe these pain meds to people because of the opioid crisis, but that leaves the people who need them out in the cold. I’m hoping the overreaction dies out soon. I grew up 15 minutes or so from the Mexico border, so we often got our meds from down there. I still do. Also, a lot of friends go there for dental work. It’s so much cheaper.

    As for me, I’m plugging away at this edit, shooting for 7 chapters this week. I’m reshaping the ending now, hoping I get it right this time. I need a release soon. It’s been too long.