Reply To: Week 31 Check-in

Cheryl PitonesCPRider

    I’m so glad you checked in, Jeanne. You’ve been on my mind.

    I imagine sitting to write for long stretches would be a challenge with edema like you’ve described. I have a slight case that worsens when I sit too much. Once in a while, I lay on the floor and put my legs up on the wall for 20 or so minutes. Helps my back, too. I sleep with my feet elevated, too. Occasionally I take a diuretic.
    Is that what they have you doing? What has worked for you? Any edema advice is welcome. ❤️

    I sure hope you find relief and medication that doesn’t wipe you out. Sending you hugs and healing good vibes.


    I’m getting better, but still not doing much writing because I need to keep my feet and legs elevated to counteract the swelling from edema. There are days I don’t down any writing at all and some days I manage about 20 minutes and some days I might do 2 20 minute blocks. I managed to finish the edits for my short-story collection. Now, it’ll be spell check and then register the copyright before I can publish.

    I was diagnosed an irregular heart beat, a leaky valve and congestive heartbeat at the end of March. The medication that was prescribed for me made me feel even worse than I was feeling and I had a heck of a time getting my cardiologist to cut to dosage in half. It’s been a rough few months.

    I am scheduled for shock treatment (an electric shock to my heart) at the end of September. This is an attempt to shock my heart back into a regular heartbeat and is a very successful procedure. According to Mayo Clinic, the risks are very low. So, I look forward to this working.

    Take care everyone.