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Cheryl PitonesCPRider

    Yikes! Yeah, we keep hearing that 6 feet thing, but C19 hangs around in the air for a while and I don’t think anywhere is necessarily “safe” without a good mask. I’m shocked the dental assistants weren’t wearing masks. Even the vet here makes us wear masks. They got tired of closing because everyone kept getting sick.

    I bet it will be nice to have your husband home for good. 🙂


    He signed a one year consulting contract last October, six weeks after his quadruple bypass. He felt so much better that he didn’t give it a second thought until he got up there and reality smacked him in the face. LOL
    He can’t wait to get home for good. I’m ready to have life back to normal and do some traveling besides going from Houston to Pittsburgh and back. 😉

    Edited to add – I’d avoided Covid, too, until my regular dentist appointment on August 3rd. It’s an open concept office and no one was wearing a mask. That’s the only time I was around anyone without a mask….including family. Four days later, I was sick as a dog. My grandson came to mow my yard that week, and even though we didn’t get close, four days later, he was sick, too.

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