Reply To: Week 35 Check-in

Jeanne Moorejeanne_moore

    Hi, Cheryl and all!

    Week 35 already. I’m still struggling with my health. Can’t sit up too much longer on this time around. I go in to the doctor for a pre-operation evaluation next Wednesday, then have to go for a COVID test at the end of September 2 days before my procedure – an electric shock to my heart to set the heart rate back to normal. It’s a successful procedure with a low risk of side effects, but I’m still nervous.

    I’ve been writing a little every day – sometimes only half an hour or less. But I finally got my collection of short stories edited and submitted it to the Copyright office. Now, I have to create a paperback cover. Don’t know when that will be because it will require more sitting put than I want to do at one time.

    I did get a new short story (about 7,000 words) finished, edited, copyrighted and posted to Amazon as an eBook. I already had the cover designed, so it was just a matter of uploading through KDP.

    So, I feel like I did get something accomplished even with the health challenges.

    Don’t know when I’ll be posting here again, Maybe sometime after my pre-op appointmemnt.