Reply To: Week 38 Check-in 💫

Doreen JensenDoreen Jensen

    Hello, my writer friends:
    I managed 2015 words and some research this week. My one computer went on the fritz– it has all the old files and stories waiting for second drafts, so I freaked, fearing I’d lost them–though I have Carbonite backup and hard disks. The old computer is easiest to access when I am working.
    We went the other week to the last antique show of the season, and I bought a few pieces of jewelry, including a jeweled and pearled crescent moon with ermine tails. It’s so unique. I feel bad for the animals, but they are long since passed. I think of it like ivory( you cant buy or sell it unless it is pre-WWII–When I was a child, I used to think that when you officially became a senior, the government gave you your pension and a fur coat.
    Fiona has devastated the east coast and I am trying to contact relatives,I have heard back from 2 but worry for the rest. The one city– Glace Bay, I was told looks like a war zone, and my cousins in Neils Harbour are right on the ocean, I’m hoping I haven’t heard because the electricity and internet are still out.
    I hope everyone is well. and happy

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