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Doreen JensenDoreen Jensen

    I heard from Glacebay (one) is ok, still waiting on the other, but I heard from Neils Harbor–My relatives are fine, but the storm was so strong it broke through the cement wall of the breakwater and decimated houses. Some houses are just gone, and she sent a pic of one –the house is still standing but is covered hip deep in foamy mud throughout–( mud splashed on the kitchen cupboards and buried the sofa, etc. I think they will have to tear it down. My cousin lost the siding off his house but otherwise came away intact.
    I worried because I remembered a storm before. She came home, parked in the driveway, and called her son to go to his aunts because it was on higher ground. Then decided she had better put the car in the garage and as she came down the stairs, looked out the window in time to see a giant wave take both her car and garage out to sea. I let out a sigh to hear they were ok. Thank-you for asking.

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