Reply To: Week 40 Check-in 🎃

Victoria ElliotVictoria Elliot

    I thought we could use the same Google spreadsheet we use for the Chain Event to keep track and do a new one every month or quarter. Any other suggestions? I still use the one you sent me, but if you have an alternative, I’d love to hear it. 🙂

    My Oct/Nov is a little bonkers, but we could do a SIAW for people not doing NaNo–or for those who are. I mean, they can do both. My thought was maybe we could use the energy surrounding NaNo to run a shorter version in the group. What do you think about catching the tail end of November and the beginning of December? 11/28-12/4? Alternatively, we could do 11/14-11/20. I have family coming in the first two weeks of November, so I could definitely use the productivity bump toward the middle and end of the month.

    I was curious what you were thinking. If it were me, I’d probably create a new spreadsheet (similar to the Chain Event one) and add a tab for each new month. Maybe I’ll try to play around with it in the next week or so if I get a chance. I’d like to try to figure out how to do a main sheet the calculates and overall total, but then we can have additional tabs that total each individual month.

    I’ll be up for a SIAW whenever. The middle or end of November would be perfect.