Reply To: Week 42 Check-in 🎃

Mona EnderliMona Enderli w/a Merit Fynn

    Hi all!

    I’ve been hard at work plotting, and it’s difficult since I’m a pantser. But now I’ve got the whole story plotted and just need to fill in the frills, i.e., descriptions, settings, etc.

    Victoria, I’ve attended Margie’s Immersion Master Classes three times and learned something new every time. Apparently, my brain isn’t capable of absorbing it all the first time (or even the second). It’s great info, though, and I’ve filled a notebook with the high points so I can easily refer back to them.

    Having the hubs home all the time is taking some getting used to. I’d gotten so used to him being gone that now I have to remember that there’s someone in the house who wants home cooked meals. I’ll have to train him not to eat. 😉

    Happy writing, y’all!

    Mona Enderli
    w/a Merit Fynn