Reply To: Week 44 Check-in 🍂

Mona EnderliMona Enderli w/a Merit Fynn

    Hi all!

    I’ve reached 11,088 words on my current WIP. It helps that I made an outline first, and even though I’ve deviated from it, the storyline remains basically the same.

    I took a look at the calendar this morning and noticed that for the first time all year, I don’t have any doctor appointments. Now that I’ve gotten off Celebrex, the ulcers that coated everything from my throat to the small intestine are gone. Every single one. And I’m starting to feel like myself again just in time for the holidays.

    I hope you have a productive week and don’t let NaNoWriMo stress you out.

    Happy writing, y’all.

    Mona Enderli
    w/a Merit Fynn