Reply To: SIAW November 14-20 2022

Cheryl PitonesCPRider

    Tami and Ana, I totally understand the need to shift your goal for the week due to unforeseen outside influences. I’m right there with you. My whole focus this week has shifted to publishing. I’m still going to work on my WIP, but I had to slash my word goal because I’m not going to worry about getting words when my focus needs to be elsewhere.
    That’s what I love about SIAW. Your goal can be words, edits, or time.

    Day 3 – I edited some and spent a great deal of time working on a blurb. I uploaded two preorders to Amazon, who promptly messed up the HTML on the blurbs, even though I used their dumb tool. So, that took time to unknot. I felt myself starting to panic when I realized this wasn’t going to be the quick upload I was hoping for but calmed myself enough to get it done.

    This morning I did a quick meditation to refocus, and I’m feeling more settled now. Today I’m going to work on my newsletter and do some editing for a friend. Also planning to work on getting in a few words on my WIP.