Reply To: SIAW November 14-20 2022

Laura RussellLaura Russell

    How did I do?
    I learned more about my own work habits. I doo not like finishing things. I knew I was a perfectionist and this week helped me see how counter-productive that attitude can be.
    I finished my character map but I keep thinking of changes and details to add.
    I listed backstory incidents that create the plot. My hero’s backstory is more dramatic than heroine, but hers is appropriate for a woman who is kept sequestered at home.
    I wrote three opening scenes and their first meeting. I’m undecided about the black moment but I have an idea of their first moments of intimacy.
    I am rewarding myself with chocolate tomorrow. I’ll need to go before the Thanksgiving rush flattens the store.
    SIAW helped me focus on my writing each day. I kept track at the beginning and then lost track for a day. When I finish responding here, I’m heading over to Vicki’s spreadsheet to add minutes to my total.

    Thank you so much Cheryl for organizing extra sprints and animating us!