Reply To: Week 46 Check-in 🍂

Cheryl PitonesCPRider

    Hello all:
    Our vehicle(AKA the Beast) broke down while we were in Brantford(about a 45 min drive) ,last week-end and is still in the shop waiting for a new fuel pump, So we didn’t get far this week. We rented a van for a few days as we had several important appointments and hubby works late shift (4-10 hr shifts getting at 130 in the morning so he cabbed it for a few days until today when we rented a u-haul cargo van–it ain’t pretty, but it should get us through to the week-end when hopefully the Beast will be resurrected. We took the cats for a Spaday–One took most of the day to forgive us while the other got a lion cut and has been swaggering around like he’s on a modeling shoot.
    I did do a write-in with my local group. we do it once a month. That’s all the news there is.

    I was picturing your cat swaggering through the house with his lion mane. LOL

    Sorry about your vehicle woes, Dory. I hope it’s fixed soon.