Reply To: Week 47 Check-in 🦃

Mona EnderliMona Enderli w/a Merit Fynn

    Hi everyone! I hope you’ve all had a great week.

    Congrats, Cheryl!! Can’t wait to read your book! And congrats for finishing yours, Victoria! Dory, at least you’re writing. That’s more than I can say now.

    I’m so ready for the holidays to be over!
    I reserved an AirBNB so my son could come down for Thanksgiving, and It’s turned into a nightmare. He told me there was a glob of hair on the shower wall, the floors were dirty, and the towels, sheets, and everything else still had the sales tags on. When I left a review, the manager got pissed off and is now demanding more money. *groan*

    I haven’t written much because ever since my hubs got back from Pittsburgh, he’s like a needy child who won’t let me out of his sight. It’s driving me crazy. Hopefully, it’ll wear off soon. If not, I may have to escape for a while. LOL

    Happy writing, y’all!

    Mona Enderli
    w/a Merit Fynn