Reply To: Week 48 Check-in ☃️

Cheryl PitonesCPRider

    Jeanne, it’s so good to hear from you! Nice to hear your health is improving.

    Do you think you’ll start editing those four stories soon? Maybe that will spark some new ideas. Possible series?
    Blurbs/ synopses can be such a challenge. I’ve recently started writing blurbs when I sketch out a basic outline of a story. (I’m not a heavy plotter by any stretch.) It’s nice to have it done when I’m ready to upload the book.
    Of course, sometimes it changes and has to be rewritten… That’s a lot less nice. haha

    Have a great week!

    Hi, Cheryl and everyone!

    Right now, I’m working on revising and editing a romantic women’s fiction that I’ve had sitting for quite some time now. I have 4 completed novels that need more revising and editing that I’ve just let sit while I wrote, edited, and published short stories and collections of short stories. I may go back in the the querying trenches for the novels – not sure yet. So far, I haven’t found any acceptable stock photo images to create a book cover for this one I’m working on right now, so that’s why I was thinking about trying the traditional publishing route.

    Since I finished the edits and revisions on the collection of short stories that I most recently published. I haven’t been writing anything new. Just haven’t come up with any ideas that I’m really enthusiastic about since the collection of short stories I just published.

    Not looking forward to writing a synopsis or a “elevator pitch” blurb for a query letter.

    So, that’s where things stand with the writing. At least my health is improving and I haven’t spent any more time in the hospital.