Reply To: 2023 CHAIN EVENT

Cheryl PitonesCPRider

    Hi Mary! Glad you’re jumping in. 🙂

    I just realized I still need to set my goals. So, I’m actually not going to be back in town until Jan. 10. My DIL is having dental surgery and I’m helping with the kiddos. So, I won’t be doing any sprints until then, however, I’m happy to set one up for anyone who wants to lead it. Just email me and I’ll get you the link.

    My minimum daily goal is going to start off at 15 minutes a day. I’ll be going back and forth between new words and edits, so I’ll stick with minutes for now.

    Remember to start on 🎉New Year’s Day🎉! I know it’s a holiday but try hard to get your minimum in. Check in if you can.

    See you on the 1st!