Reply To: 2023 CHAIN EVENT

Cheryl PitonesCPRider

    Vicki, I have fumbled entire books while figuring things out. Twenty pages is pretty good.
    In the fall of 2021, I wrote a book three times and finally had to set it aside. I still haven’t written it. After seven books, I seriously thought I’d lost my ability to write. Then I stopped for a few weeks, took some time off to read, take classes, and play with my granddaughter, and lo and behold, the next time I cracked open my laptop, out popped a good story. And I had fun doing it, which was amazing. I hope that’s what happens for you with this story. 🙂

    Laura, I remember that lady in San Diego. Her talk was so good. Made me feel like I wasn’t alone. I have referred back to it many times yet I don’t remember her name. Do you? I’d like to get her book.

    Apologies for not checking in regularly. I’m going to be spotty for a few more days yet. My DIL’s surgery has left her feeling pretty weak and I’m watching the littles. Good grief I am so out of mom shape. haha I’m having fun with the kids, though. Soaking up every hug and kiss and “I love you, Mema.” (Yep, I’m a mema. 😉 )

    I’ve kept my chain going by doing my editing on my Kindle device. I REALLY have some work to do when I get home. 🫣

    Hope everyone is still going strong! If not, there’s no shame in picking up the end of that chain and starting up again.